Fencing and Balustrades

Fencing allows your home to be your sanctuary with clearly defined borders, but the right fence offers you more than just privacy, it completes the look of your property and brings together all the features of your outside space. At Proscapes we provide and install fencing and balustrades for a range of applications.

We can provide fencing of all types, including post and rail for agricultural areas, security fencing for business parks, close board fencing for property developers and private customers alike. We can even advise you on decorative fencing, offering a secure yet softer-looking alternative.

If your property has trouble with noise pollution, such as from a nearby road, you may benefit from our acoustic fencing which will help to lessen the noise.

We can also provide balustrades for decking to distinguish the space from the rest of the garden, with styles to suit any home. Whether it’s a rustic wood, ornate metal or a modern and contemporary glass balustrade you’re looking for, we have you covered.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have a track record of providing high-quality fencing across Devon. Over 25 years ago our staff were fencing parks and gardens for local authorities, so we have plenty of experience and a long history when it comes to fencing.


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